Your questions, OUR ANSWERS.

Can I earn CE credits?

A: Yes. 1 credit awarded for each hour of instruction for approximately 8 CE credits.

Q: How do I prepare for the in-office course?

A: Preparations will be arranged long before the day of the course. This will include at least 2 conference call communications with a Synergy Academy Periodontist Consultant that are prerequisite for patient case selection, scheduling, literature review, etc.

Q: Is the Periodontist Consultant the same individual as the Periodontist Faculty for the day of the course?

A: No. The initial periodontist consultant and the periodontist faculty instructor are separate individuals.

Q: Can I share the day with another dental practitioner?

A: Only another dentist that is a co-owner or association affiliated with the office may observe (if the treatment room will accommodate), but the hands-on experience is only one on one.

Q: Who pays the periodontist instructor?

A: All payments are rendered by The Synergy Academy.

Q: Who pays for the periodontal consultant pre-course review?

A: All fees are included in the tuition

Q: Who collect the fees from the patients and completes the insurance information?

A: Financial arrangements for payment of the surgery are the responsibility of the dental practice. All fees that are collected are the responsibility and property of the dental practice.  Insurance claims and subsequent collection is the responsibility of the dental practice.

Q: Who provides the assistant?

A: The course instructor will provide a surgical assistant for the day, but it is advisable that the dentist’s assistants participate in the training and actual surgery.

Q: Can I learn more than one surgical procedure at the same course date?

Only one specific surgical course is provided per day.

Q: What if I can’t find the 4-6 dental implant sites on my patients for the course?

A: It is desirable, but not necessary, to have the ideal number of sites available for the day to maximize participation and productivity of the day’s work.

Q: How do I deal with post-operative care and emergency care?

A: The periodontist will instruct you and your staff as to the appropriate post-operative care for each surgical procedure performed. It is your responsibility to arrange and administer all the post-op and emergency care as required. It is rare that emergency care will be necessary, but the course instructor will provide information and directions if an emergency arises before the post-operative appointment.

Q: Will the periodontist course instructor be available for post-operative care?

A: The dentist will be able to contact the periodontist course instructor or The Synergy Academy consultant regarding a post-operative emergency.

Q: Will the manufacturer’s representative be part of the instructional team the day of the course?

A: Yes. They will be an integral part of the training process and may provide certain equipment and supplies for the day of the course that is pre-arranged with the general dentist participant.

Q: What kind of equipment/supplies will the instructor bring to the general dentist’s office?

A: The periodontist instructor will be expected to supply the items listed below for dental implant surgery. This is in addition to anything specific they prefer to carry for rendering treatment.

  • 1 implant motor
  • 2 contra angle implant motor handpieces
  • 1 dental implant kit
  • Assortment of implant fixtures (usually provided by manufacturer’s representative)
  • Healing caps
  • Backup bone graft/ membrane materials (not usually required)
  • Assortment of sutures, local anesthetics, sutures, and disposables
  • Periodontal surgical instruments

Q: What will I have to supply the day of the course?

A: You must duplicate the equipment/supplies that the periodontist brings to your office except for the fixtures and grafting/membrane materials.  

Q: What if a patient does not show or cancels the appointment?

A: You are responsible for providing the prearranged number of patients for the day of the surgery. Last minute cancellations and no-shows can occur but with enough cases appointed in advance, it should not disrupt the course.

Q: What if I don’t want to personally do the surgeries on my patents in the future?

A: Some dentists want to do it all and others find that it may be desirable to arrange for a periodontist to complete additional surgeries. You may consider referral to your usual periodontist or hiring an itinerant periodontist to complete care in your office as an independent contractor.

Q: How do I find an itinerant periodontist?

A: Contact Synergy Specialists. They are experts at finding a perfect fit for you and have provided specialists for hundreds of offices across the country.

Q: Can I cancel the course once the tuition is paid?

A: Once the date of the course is set, a 72-hour notification is required to cancel or reschedule without penalty. If cancellation occurs less than 72 hours in advance, special consideration will be given for a partial refund for mitigating circumstances.

Q: Does it matter if I am left handed or right handed?

A: It won’t matter if the delivery unit is a swing mount or rear delivery and accommodates both.